Bantu Tech - Mission statement

Our Vision

Bantu - The word Bantu, and its variations, means "people" or "humans". 

Our mission is to help people. In July 2015 we were awarded the Diamond Fund by the University of Hertfordshire to help launch this platform. Our main aim was to provide a space for students to share their knowledge in Security. 

And that is just what we did, we wanted to network, to connect and to share. But the world is bigger than just computer science graduates sat in a room, so we decided to expand.

We stayed true to our vision, help people. From the entrepreneurs struggling to get their head around mapping a domain, to the sys admin looking to implement a new security feature, we want to help!

Our future is bright! We are currently building our network and we want you to be part of our journey.

Our journey will take us through Southern Africa one day, building communities interested in information security, building platforms for businesses and helping protect digital assets and share our knowledge.



Stephen Chapendama
Founder, Bantu Tech

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