Simplified NGINX Load Balancing with Loadcat

NGINX is a web server that offers high performance load balancing features, among many of its other capabilities. Some of those features are only available as a part of their subscription model, but the free and open source version is still very feature rich and comes with the most essential load balancing features out of the box.

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How to find all the IP addresses on a network?

How do you find out all the IP addresses and devices on your network? Bantu Tech explores the excellent tool nMap, available on Linux, Mac and Windows which is the best tool to begin a vulnerability analysis, network audit and just general maitenance of hosts. Use nmap to find out which ports are open on your network and which hosts respond to TCP ping requests. 

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Guide to Multi-processing Network Server Models

As someone who’s been writing high performance networking code for a number of years now (my doctoral dissertation was on the topic of a Cache Server for Distributed Applications Adapted to Multicore Systems), I see many tutorials on the subject that completely miss or omit any discussion of the fundamentals of network server models. This article is therefore intended as a hopefully useful overview and comparison of network server models, with the goal being to take some of the mystery out of writing high performance networking code.

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Business Intelligence Platform: Tutorial Using MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline

Using data to answer interesting questions is what researchers are busy doing in today’s data driven world. Given huge volumes of data, the challenge of processing and analyzing it is a big one; particularly for statisticians or data analysts who do not have the time to invest in learning business intelligence platforms or technologies provided by Hadoop eco-system, Spark, or NoSQL databases that would help them to analyze terabytes of data in minutes.

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Irene Papuc
Routing: Open Shortest Path First

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a link state routing protocol. It is used to allow routers to dynamically learn routes from other routers and to advertise routes to other routers. Advertisements containing routes are referred to as Link State Advertisements (LSAs) in OSPF

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