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Our Partners

Bantu Tech believes in community. Through uniting with our partners we have been able to focus on growth and supporting each other and ensuring we remain true to our values. 

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Our Community

 Our community platform is for sharing. This space is where we focus on technology as a whole, sharing information to benefit businesses, resources and stories.

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Our Vision

The future of Cyber Security is important to us. Our vision is to establish a platform where small businesses can seek advice on cyber security. We want to grow our platform here in the United Kingdom and in Southern Africa. 

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Our Blog

Cyber Security is important to us. In 2015 we were awarded a Diamond Fund Award by the University of Hertfordshire to start our Cyber Security platform, a place where we would dissect all the latest news in Cyber Security and provide tutorials sharing our knowledge. 

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Cyber Security Blog

The Bantu Tech Cyber Security Blog focuses on tutorials for securing enterprise equipment, tutorials on how to implement tools like Fail2Ban and also think pieces provided to us by our partners. 

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Featured Post: By Stephen Chapendama

How I got a job in Cyber Security

Getting a job in Cyber Security can be incredibly frustrating, expensive and a lot of hassle. We are always reading that there’s a shortage of people in infosec, but yet every “entry level” role seems to require experience no graduate could possibly have or enterprise technologies a student could not possibly have had the chance to be exposed to (unless of course, you keep a data centre in your parents’ basement). The landscape is changing, having a degree is no longer enough. There are people who have taken other routes such as bootcamps or career changes who have more work experience trying to break through into cyber security.